Laboratory Primary School held an event on English education workshop of primary school addressed for English teachers for Malang area. This event gives some related matters of study strategy on English and the expansion of thematic study technique guided by education expert resource from UM and the English teacher team from the laboratory primary school UM. To supply the teachers, this one day7 workshop also is equipped with peer teaching practice (teaches in between the participant).
         The intention to be an SSI reference school is admitted by the headmaster of Laboratory Primary School to have an implication in expansioning continuous effort on alternative education models having international standard. According to him, Laboratory Primary School UM has access to the international reference and education training by becoming the International Centre for Cambridge University so that international standard study innovations can be easily dug and developed.
       In addition, as the follow-up of the workshop, all teachers are invited to form an association of English teacher that can access the information and exchanging reference and experience on teaching.
Koran Pendidikan
Edition 168 / V / 31 July - 5 August 2007


         Laboratory Primary School Malang State University is a pioneer school having international standard for primary school level. Long before PP No 19/2005 about National Education Standard and UU No 14/2005 about Teacher and Lecturer were ratified, Laboratory Primary School UM has started the international education by opening international classes.
         Until July 5th 2007, Laboratory Primary School UM gets enthronement as an International Center (Education and International Examination Center) from the University of Cambridge International Examination of (CIE). Cambridge University in London itself is ranked the third best university worldwide.
  This enthronement at the same time gives the license to the management of international class for three maples (English, Mathematics and Science) at primary school level (SD) and lower secondary school (SMP). With this function also, Laboratory Primary School UM can become one school that is giving a nine year education service (SD-SMP) in one locations.

         The headmaster of Laboratory Primary School UM, Drs. Suprihadi Saputro SPd, MPd explains that this international class has develop active English as a medium of study instruction. Evaluation test is done with international standard by using instrument and test materials from Cambridge University on-line through the internet.
Citing the statement of the Chief Executive of CIE, Suprihadi explains that as an education and international certification center, Laboratory Primary School UM also performs and facilitates international qualification test for other student in Indonesia wishing to get academic certification that is internationally accepted.
         This enthronement as international education center is not effortless. The teaching learning process, media instruction and support from the school's facilities of Laboratory Primary School UM has fulfilled the international education service standardization of Cambridge University. Laboratory Primary School UM itself has develop an accelerated education model, individual learning service, and mastery learning (learning based on student's ability) through module per-unit.
This kind of study and education model can give a pedagogic implication of growing the child's independence, stimulates enthusiasm to read and masters teaching material, and gives motivation to find reference as possible.

       In consequence, Laboratory Primary School UM develops student learning system that has a continuation and also involves 2 teachers in every class.
       Studying facilities which must be fulfilled in Laboratory Primary School UM is using fulll multimedia that is designed on-line in every class. Teaching materials are obliged to be applied altogether in reference to the Cambridge University or other English speaking country.
The standardization of educator does not miss from the attention of this primary school which is a member of the world environment awareness groups. All international class teachers of Laboratory Primary School UM must be certified by Cambridge University. By consequence, every teacher must be able to make a teaching portfolio and make a study module and be creative in teaching.

         With the full support from UM, Laboratory Primary School commits to become the reference school for local primary school and also other areas. The form of this commitment can be realized by giving access and facilities to other primary school to be able to follow and exploit international education program and certification for student and or teacher.
         For above purpose, on 18 August 2007 Laboratory Primary School UM opened a national school having international level which is marked by the signatory of Laboratory Primary School education inscription by the headmaster of Laboratory Primary School UM Drs. Suprihadi Saputra, UM's Rector Prof. Dr. H. Suparno and Head of education district of Malang, Dr. H. Shofwan, SH. MSI.

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